Hanyang University

IoT (Internet of Things) Laboratory

Welcome to the IoT (Internet of Things) Lab at Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea. The IoT lab's research goal is to build secure, safe, and reliable IoT systems, including networked embedded systems and cyber-physical systems (CPS). Check the research tab for our recent research projects. We're looking for students who are passionate about designing and building computing systems that interact with humans and the physical world. Feel free to email to hokeun (at) hanyang.ac.kr to join the research team!

Recent News

June 22, 2022

Graduate student researchers at HYU IoT Lab, Yunsang Cho, Wonseo Choi, and Youri Su are visiting Prof. Edward A. Lee's group at UC Berkeley this summer for research collaboration on Lingua Franca

See news for more details.

April 25, 2022

Hokeun Kim (PI) is giving a talk at UC Riverside ECE Colloquium

See colloquium announcement or flyer for more details.

October 8, 2021

Hokeun Kim (PI) is presenting with the Lingua Franca research team at a tutorial session in ESWEEK 2021!

See conference webpage or LinkedIn post for more details.